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Consumer Targeted Crypto "Basically Exhausted"

Tüketici Hedefli Kriptolama "Temel Olarak Tükenmiş"

Illegal crypto mining for consumers şirketi essentially extinct yönelik was released on April 23 by MalwareBytes, a cyber security company.

MalwareBytes also uses the Electrum wallet on a Mac Bitcoin (BTC) owners say that in the first quarter of this year their wallet lost more than $ 2.3 million in the crypto coins stolen by the Trojan horse virus.

This Consumer Targeted Cryptography proposes to Miners Again

Without the owner of the device cryptocurrency is the use of a computer device to use for mining purposes. Common effects encountered by users are slowing down, more heat generation and shorter battery life. It is probably the seemingly preferred crypto currency (XMR) for such attacks.

As reported in May last year, a researcher Coinhive crypto mining claimed that the scenario was found on more than 300 government and university websites worldwide.

Earlier this week, US-based cyber security company Symantec found a major malicious virus in the software of a new crypto-mining system, mainly targeting businesses.


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Bitcoin News

En Fazla Bitcoin (BTC) Birikimi Olan Kim?

Bitcoin Analizi, Bitcoin 5.700 Doları Geçti!

Araştırma sonucuna göre, Winklevoss ikizleri 150.000 BTC’ye sahipler, ancak onlardan daha fazla Bitcoin sahibi olan isimler var…

En fazla miktarda Bitcoin (BTC) sahibi olan kişinin kim olduğunu araştıran Blockchain Center; Winklevoss ikizlerinden dolandırıcılara, bilgisayar korsanlarından “zombi coin”lere kadar tüm verileri masaya yatırdı.


Öte yandan kripto para dünyasının en ünlü hack vakası Mt. Gox olayının faillerinin 166.000 BTC’ye sahip oldukları iddia edildi.

Silk Road skandalından ele geçirilen 30.000 BTC’nin ise Tim Draper’ın elinde olduğu öne sürülüyor.

Plus Token dolandırıcılarının ise 200.000 BTC sahibi oldukları söylendi.

Diğer taraftan “Zombi coin”ler şaşırtıcı derecede fazla. Bahsini ettiğimiz bu tokenler, hiçbir zaman kullanılmayacak ve sonsuza kadar kimse tarafından harcanamayacak olan 1,5 milyon BTC’den meydana geliyor.

Grayscale’in Bitcoin Tröstü, en büyük kurumsal Bitcoin yatırım aracı olarak biliniyor ve şu anda 400.000 BTC’nin üzerinde likiditeye sahip. Lightning Network yalnızca 1.000 BTC bulundururken, Ethereum (ETH) 80.000 BTC daha kilitlemiş durumda.

Diğer 2,5 milyon Bitcoin’in zamanla dolaşıma girmesi bekleniyor. Bu listeye başka hangi isimlerin dahil olacağını ise zaman gösterecek.


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Bitcoin News

Ethereum Developers Reveal New Ideas in PoS

Ethereum Geliştiricileri PoS Konusunda Yeni Fikirler Ortaya Atıyor

The Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, a core community of Ethereum developers gathered on May 2, said they would complete the transition to a Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm by June 30th, as the core developers have pointed out.

Call every two weeks I Etherea researcher Justin Drake claims that the developers team expects to prepare code specifications for the zero phase by the end of June. Drake said:

“We still have too many ways. Still, the [code] comes from simplifications, this wonderful and fine carding process to find these latest bugs and viruses as well. "

Phase zero is the name of the first phase transition phase of the Ethereum network from the Proof-Of-Work (PoW) to a PoS consensus algorithm.

Ethereum Developers Announces New Disclosures on PoS

Phase zero offset, also known as Beacon Chain, is part of a large network transition to Ethereum 2.0, and is set to launch a new block validation system where the main role on block bids belongs to the miners instead of miners.


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Bitcoin News

German Police Arrest 3 People from Wall Street Market, Bitcoin and Monero in Government Arrest

Alman Polisi Wall Street Marketten 3 Kişiyi Tutukladı, Hükümet Tutuklamada Bitcoin Ve Monero

Europol shut down the servers of a dark web market, along with German police, and captured suspects captured bitcoin and monero, Europol announced on May 3rd.

Wall Street Market, the second largest dark internet market in the world, was closed by the German Federal Criminal Police under the authority of the German Public Prosecutor's Office.

According to the report, the German authorities arrested the three suspects and in a number of cars, computers, six-digit (not specified) bitcoin (BTC) and monero (XMR) Along with that, they seized 550,000 euros ($ 615,000) in cash.

German Police Arrest 3 People from Wall Street Market

Europol said that Wall Street Market has more than 1.15 million registered users and 5,400 registered as drug dealers, stolen data, counterfeit documents and malware vendors.

In the same announcement, Europol officially announced the acquisition of the Finnish customs, Valhalla, a dark web marketplace, also known as Silkkitie. According to the Helsinki Times, the authorities are also on the website of the anonymous Tor network since 2013 ”An important bitcoin capture operation“ They did.

In other crime reports, the two men were recently found guilty of selling steroids and controlled substances illegally in the United States and of laundering millions of dollars in crypto currencies and Western Union payments.

In addition, a court in Toronto in early April reported to an online drug dealer that Canada had the biggest casualty ever - a $ 1.4 million bitcoin stake in the state.


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