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What is Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)? And How Is It Different From ICO?

China's 2017 end ICO ban was forced to leave or leave the country's crypto initiatives when it was unable to finalize its search for ICOs trying to find alternative solutions to fund their projects. The projects began to explore the new trend of First Stock Offerings (IEO). This innovation made it easy to raise funds without fear of laws and authorities.

What is IEO?

The First Stock Exchange Proposal, as the name suggests, is carried out on a crypto money exchange platform. In contradiction to the First Money Quotations (ICO), an IEO agrees with the stock exchange to create funds for its public offering on the stock exchange.

Because the Token sale is performed on the stock exchange platform, the token vendor must pay a list fee with the percentage of tokens sold during IEO. In contrast, the tokens of crypto-money initiatives are sold on stock exchange platforms, and crypto coins are listed after the IEO is over. However, as the crypto money exchanges take a percentage of the tokens sold, they try to help the token in marketing.

IEO participants do not contribute to an intelligent contract as governing an ICO. Instead, they have to create an account on the stock market where IEO is running.

IEOs on stock exchange platforms

An increasing number of crypto money exchanges have begun to adopt IEOs. The first place was the Binance launching Binance Launchpad. In January, BitTorrent, purchased by TRON, launched a token sale at Binance Launchpad and raised $ 7.2 million of funds in less than 15 minutes and collected all funds needed to collect the public offering within 15 minutes. Binance Launchpad broke another record in the second IEO, and the second IEO, which was launched for a crypto-money initiative called Fetch.AI, raised $ 6 million in just 22 seconds.

After observing the success of Binance Launchpad, other key stock markets launched their own IEO platforms. IEO platforms include Bitmax Launchpad, Bittrex IEO, OK Jumpstart (OKEx), KuCoin Spotlight and Huobi Prime.

IEO - ICO - what are the differences?

Our infographic with the main differences between IEOs and ICOs:

IEO'lar ve ICO'lar Arasındaki Temel Farkları İnfografiği

Basic Differences Between IEOs and ICOs

Advantages and Disadvantages of IEOs


One of the main advantages of IEOs is trust. While the public offering is carried out on a crypto money exchange, the public monitors every project that wants to launch IEO on the stock exchange platform. The exchanges try to protect their reputation by carefully approving the crypto money initiatives.

Therefore, IEOs can prevent fraud and suspicious projects from generating funds through crypto money exchanges. This is an excellent example of RAID IEO. Recently, Bittrex announced the cancellation of the RAID project IEO a few hours before the IPO. The reason why RAID canceled a $ 6 million fund-raising plan was a discontinued partnership between RAID and the e-sports data analysis company OP.GG.

According to Bittrex, the partnership between the two companies was a vital part of the project and when the crypto money exchange was aware of the incident, the token decided to cancel the sale because it was not in Bittrex's customer's interest.


Crypto money exchanges do not have to worry about community security, as they are managing the intelligent contract of IEO. Since the KYC / AML process creates KYC / AML on most customers after creating most of the crypto money exchange accounts, the security is much higher, as it allows the tracking of the crypto money initiative.

Easier for projects

Crypto-lending companies use IEOs more flawlessly than initiating startups on the Exchange platforms, as compared to doing IEOs on their own. Although the crypto has to pay a percentage of the listing fees and crypto money on the stock exchanges, the stock market has provided them with great help in marketing. Therefore, crypto-money initiatives that initiate their IEOs allocate a lower budget from marketing budget to marketing in an ICO. They can also benefit from the stable customer base of the exchanges.


The crypto exchange, in which the IEO is conducted, lists the crypto money on the stock exchange after the end of the IPO. While IEOs seem to be a safer and more efficient alternative to ICOs, costs associated with token sales may be high for beginnings. But it seems a nice choice for crypto money attempts.

How to join an IEO?

Because IEOs are currently rare in the crypto community, it's not that hard to find someone you like. Once you find your preferred IEO, you need to find out which exchanges host the public offering.

The next step is to open an account on the crypto money exchange and complete the KYC and AML verification process.

Once you've done that, browse the crypto currencies you can use to be in the IEO and deposit the crypto money accepted into your account at the public offering. The last step is to wait until IEO starts to receive your tokens.

Will IEOs create the next fundraising explosion?

ICOs created a fund-raising explosion in 2017 and 2018. However, a significant number of crypto projects are operated or suspected by fraudsters. Therefore, in addition to the ICO bans, we can say that this is not an efficient resource-generating model for crypto-currency initiatives.

On the other hand, IEOs provide greater confidence among the crypto-currency projects, because the stock exchanges that host the masses are actively involved in the fund raising process, which increases the efficiency of the mass society. Therefore, IEOs have the potential to become a standard model for fund raising in the crypto field and even create the next fundraising explosion.


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What are the reasons for the change of bitcoin price? Why Bitcoin Rises? Why Fall?

Bitcoin Fiyatının Değişmesinin Nedenleri Nedir? Bitcoin Neden Yükselir? Neden Düşer?

What are the causes of Bitcoin's rise and fall? How do these effects affect the bitcoin price?

What are the reasons for the change in bitcoin price? Crypto currency Although there are many unexplained reasons for the decrease or rise of Bitcoin prices, there are a number of known reasons, which are the factors that directly and indirectly affect the change of bitcoin price, but are listed below.

Supply and Demand Affect Bitcoin

Supply and demand are the main reasons for the change in bitcoin prices, but some additional factors affect the supply and demand, bringing the price of this crypto money up or down. In other words, the price in this asset is determined only by the prices that market participants are willing to pay.

For example, if more people in the market want to buy bitcoin, the price (value) will increase. The price will decrease if more people want to sell bitcoins. The trading decisions of these people are shaped according to the following additional factors.

Bitcoin Fiyatının Değişmesinin Nedenleri

Why Bitcoin Rises

Bitcoin Reasons for Price Fluctuation

Small option value for large holders of money. Bitcoin fluctuation, to some extent, to the total currency large is performed by.

As the volume of Bitcoin resembles a small stock stock, the currency has not reached the proportions that will allow the large market owners to adopt the mass market that is required to provide the option value.

Security Issues Can Reach the Reasons That Affect the Price of Bitcoin Directly

News on security breaches causes investors to react [As a matter of fact, because it is thought to be direct security, what we call bitcoin, it is natural that security problems may directly cause price decreases.]. When the Bitcoin community reveals the security gaps, the purpose is to close the gap as soon as possible by the community, which is one of the reasons that can bring down the value of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin developers have to show security concerns to the public to produce robust solutions. Neel Mehta from Google Security Team on April 1, 2014 OpenSSL security vulnerabilities and the Heartbleed case, which has a downward impact on Bitcoin with a decrease of about 10% against the US dollar in the following months.

The bitcoin price reflects the trust level of the protocol design as a whole. Then, with the news of security breaches, it would be natural for Bitcoin's value to fluctuate.

Bitcoin Fiyatının Değişmesinin Nedenleri

Why Bitcoin Falls

Additional Factors

From here, we can conclude that positive developments in large-scale impact on bitcoin prices negatively and negative developments adversely affect prices. In addition to give an example:

  • For example, once mediating bitcoin trading Mt. gox that the brokerage company called cyber-attacked bankruptcy crypto money the price had drastically decreased.
  • Another example is the legal developments. For example, some news about Australia recognizing bitcoin as an official currency had raised prices.

The bitcoin price increases or decreases according to what we can refer to above cases.

Bitcoin is such a strange entity that it can change the price of just about everything down or up. Of course, you need to know that not every news or every development has a lowering and increasing effect on prices.

Therefore, careful monitoring of all positive or negative developments related to bitcoin, in a different way; it is now the ideal choice to understand what is going on, where the resulting development will take place, and then take action.

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ICO Vs VC (Venture Capital)

ICO Vs Girişim Sermayesi (VC)

If you're reading this, it's a good idea to have an early company and make money. But what will be better for your company? One option, an old and familiar venture capital (VP), is to raise money from a group of venture capitalists who risk their money in exchange for company capital.

Another option is the “First Coin Offer için (ICO), to raise money worldwide from anyone with enough money to buy a token. Basically, ICO is a form of investment that allows ventures to finance themselves without any commitment to shareholding.

ICO may look like a game changer. If it is possible to save money without it today, why would a person get the company's share? However, there are still a few important hurdles that must be known.

ICO Vs Girişim Sermayesi (VC)

ICO may look like a game changer

VC vs ICO: Goals

In addition to finance, there are valuable things you can get from VC: consulting, business rules, scalability, contact with wealthy people in the industry, etc. If you are looking for any of these - You can go to VC.

If you are looking for a quick way to make money with as many people as possible, a strong community is more valuable than effective individuals - You can go to ICO.

VC vs ICO: Hedefleri

VC vs ICO: Goals

VC vs ICO: Audience

The easiest way to explain the difference is to compare the ICO between the enterprise and consumer sales and VC between the enterprise and the business sales.

VC investors are experienced business people, they will offer a lot, there is a lot to demand. If you have a perfect idea but no demo, no proper steps, no detailed roadmap - forget about VC, don't buy. You should be better prepared than the ICO case. On the other hand, VC traders are much more reliable, willing to support your project for a long time, and do not expect their investments to return quickly.

ICON investors are everyone. Everywhere. You can get a lot of money from people who live on another continent. It is not necessary to have a working product. It is not necessary to have a record. Nothing. If your idea is sound enough, you will get your money.

However, please note that the nature of the ICO is a rapid trading transaction. For this reason, most of the investors will try to sell the tokens for a quick profit and will leave your project in case of combat against some issues.

VC vs ICO: Kitle

VC vs ICO: Audience

VC vs ICO: Requirements

VC - To both powerful personnel and employees, the product, the vision, the well-prepared field, documentation etc. You need it. You should also share a portion of your company (usually at least 20%) after making a deal

ICON - There is no formal requirement to keep the ICO. You decide what and how they will get in exchange for Token owners' money.

VC vs ICO: Requirements

VC vs ICO: Geography and Accessibility

VC - VC investors are robust and conservative. They usually prefer companies from the same country. They want you to come to a lot of meetings and sign a lot of papers. Although this is not a problem for US citizens, it can be a serious limitation for third world entrepreneurs.

ICON - No limit, you can get it all from the North Pole to Antarctica.

VC vs ICO: Press and Public Perception

In terms of public perception, VC has a strong advantage. The money out of VC gives you a strong credit of trust and PR, because VCs are much more experienced and they thoroughly control the project before investing. Also, if you find out that after a while the perfect idea is not that good, they will share your situation with you. Because they know exactly what they are spending, they don't involve their feelings, sometimes the same investors can invest in your next project.

In the case of ICO - you will be open to the public. And if you're having a hard time making the product you promised - be prepared to be called fraud on any platform and possibly be blacklisted everywhere, if you come to this stage, you'll hardly have a chance to return here.

Benefits of VC

  • Investor Loyalty
  • Business rules and information support
  • Creating valuable links
  • PR credit

Benefits of ICO

  • You are free and no equality is required
  • No running products required
  • No geographic limitation
  • Speed - no bureaucracy

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10-Year Brief History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin'in 10 Yıllık Kısa Tarihi


Beginning of the 10-Year Brief History of Bitcoin 31 October, we have left behind 10 years after the release of the bitcoin white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity remains a mystery.

In a short period of time, bitcoin challenged modern society's view of global finance and banking, and became the catalyst for the birth of more than six hundred different crypto currencies as well as many other blockchain projects.

The history of Bitcoin has been filled with many rises and falls, leading to controversy over the years with this volatility. With the white paper presented to the public, a movement was created that left an indelible mark on many industries.

The Crypto Guide has been in Bitcoin's 10-Year Brief History article for 10 years since the implementation of bitcoin. most memorable and bad take a look at some of the moments.

Bitcoin Block İstatistiği

Bitcoin Block Statistics

Years Developing Bitcoin

On August 18, 2008, the domain name was registered as a pioneer by an unnamed entity that defined the subtleties and benefits of the Bitcoin protocol.

This came to life on October 31, 2008 with the release of Bitcoin white paper. The first nine-page document was distributed to the cypherpunk mailing list in November 2008.

Nakamoto on 3 January 2009, founding block of Bitcoin block chain Genesis Blocknu created. Genesis block 50 BTC encoded and created in Bitcoin software cannot be wasted due to the way the code is written. The exact reasons for this are unknown, which is another mystery to add to Satoshi's story.

The average time between the creation of new blocks was 10 minutes, but according to the time stamps of these particular blocks, it took six days to add the next block to the Bitcoin block chain.

However, the first Bitcoin The process took place on January 12, 2009 between Nakamoto and Hal Finney, who contributed early to the project. Nakamoto sent Finney 10 BTC as tests, but bitcoin mining began.

Ten months later, on October 5, 2009, New Liberty Standard set the first Bitcoin exchange rate against the dollar. At that time, it was equal to $ 1 2300.03 BTC.

On the history of Bitcoin the first operation on physical goods It took place on May 22, 2010. The famous Bitcoin Pizza event started by Laszlo Hanyecz, receiving two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. A software developer offered BTC on a forum for two pizzas. A youngster named Jeremy Sturdivant, who was nicknamed Jercos, accepted Bitcoin and sent Hanyecz two pizzas from Pope John.

The process is a funny turning point for the history of Bitcoin, but it is surprising that what can be purchased with the same amount of BTC today is often used as a reference point for the increase in the value of the crypto currency.

10-Year Brief History of Bitcoin

First Highest and Lowest

On February 9, 2011, Bitcoin reached a parity of 1: 1 in US dollars. This was a milestone for Bitcoin and would mark the beginning of a tough period for Bitcoin. In just four months time, Bitcoin jumped from $ 1 to $ 31.91.

Four days later, on June 12, 2011, Bitcoin was the first major correction that the Bitcoin community experienced and fell to $ 10.25. This is Mt. The first major security breach of Gox on June 19, 2011 was intensified.

After a relatively quiet six months, the price of the Bitcoin fell again, following the news that the e-wallet company Paxum decided not to accept the BTC. This time period is high in Bitcoin volatility and humbly corrections point to the first real example.

After a relatively quiet six months, the price of the Bitcoin fell again, following the news that the e-wallet company Paxum decided not to accept the BTC. In this time period, Bitcoin was the first real example of high volatility and humble corrections.

First half, close to Silk Road Closure & Mt. Gox Closure

On November 28, 2012, the first half of the Bitcoin award system was achieved after the 210,000 blocks were excavated, reducing the block award from 50 to 25 BTC. The price of BTC continued to rise to 2013, and the crypto currency for the first time on April 9 exceeded $ 200.

Just before the fifth anniversary of the Bitcoin white paper, things went awry, because the dark website Silk Road closed and more than 26,000 BTC were confiscated. The bitcoin price fell from $ 139 to $ 109 in a few hours.

In February 2014, the rumors of Mt. Gox was attacked and after a series of ”robberies res on the stock market, he had suspended the month swap officially. At the end of February Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles resigned from his post on the board of directors of the Bitcoin Foundation.

In March, the company filed for bankruptcy protection with a debt of $ 60 million announced by its legal team. Around 850,000 BTC were el lost m by Karpeles on charges of technical issues related to the Bitcoin protocol.

Gavin Andresen of the Bitcoin Foundation rejected these allegations and said that the Mt. Gox's wallet software.

Bitcoin'in 10 Yıllık Kısa Tarihi

10-Year Brief History of Bitcoin

Getting used to it

Mt. The debates surrounding the Gox debacle and the Silk Road gave a negative perception to Bitcoin over the next few years.

On December 11, 2014, Microsoft began accepting Bitcoin payments and was a major turning point for Bitcoin approval by global companies.

Six years after Satoshi launched the Bitcoin white paper, the crypto currency appeared on the front page of The Economist on October 31, 2015.

Bitcoin'in 10 Yıllık Kısa Tarihi

10-Year Brief History of Bitcoin

Between these positive moves for the crypto money, the bitcoin value has passed a stable period of two years.

On July 9, 2016, the second half of the bitcoin mining awards took place and the BTC award fell to 12.5 per block.


Bitcoin's 10-Year Short History Big Bull Run

The dawn of 2017 marked the beginning of the biggest bull race in Bitcoin history, the most productive year of the crypto currency, and the process of transition to its main consciousness. Bitcoin, which passed the resistance of $ 1000 USD three years ago, was once again hit on 2 January 2017.

On March 10th, 2017, the Winklevoss twins, who successfully sued Mark Zuckerberg for stealing intellectual property that led to the creation of Facebook, took over the headlines. The brothers have applied for the launch of the Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). The application was rejected by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The price of the bitcoin was expected to reach the highest level of all-time per week, although the ETF expects approval. Before the start of a slow and regular rally, the value of the crypto currency was shortened by several months.

On June 11, Bitcoin exceeded the value of $ 3,000 for the first time in an ongoing discussion of possible measures to address scalability issues affecting Bitcoin.

On August 1, 2017, this ended badly because a small portion of the Bitcoin community could not agree with the proposed changes in the protocol. As a result Bitcoin Cash Born and original Bitcoin the blockchain'n it was hard forking.

A few weeks later, on August 23, 2017, the SegWit soft fork became active as a result of a decision to support SegWit at the same time, resulting in the Bitcoin Cash rigid fork.

However, in the 10-Year Brief History of Bitcoin, the value continued to grow and on September 2, 2017, it exceeded $ 5,000.

A few weeks of volatility has banned the ICOs and crypto-currency exchanges in China from operating in the country, as BTC's price fell to $ 3,000 before it recovered. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon's comments about Bitcoin's andır fraud JP were another factor in this case.

After this dust on Bitcoin collapsed, Bitcoin started a mind-blowing bull from October. The crypto currency exceeded US $ 10,000 on November 29th and exceeded $ 11,000 a few hours later.

Crypto currency continued to gain value as investors are striving to participate in the movement. The sustaining factor was the perception that the introduction of Bitcoin futures in December 2017 would lead to the flow of corporate money to Bitcoin, which would further increase the price of the encryption currency.

Bitcoin, the first time in Bitcoin's 10-year Brief History, has broken the $ 20,000 mark, without a sign of stop, and there was a historic increase for the crypto currency. Unfortunately, the Bitcoin price regressed to $ 13,000 by December 31, 2017.

2018 Record Decline in Bitcoin Volatility

Bitcoin's 10-year short history

After the supreme highs of 2017, the crypto-currency community had to make a difficult start to the new year. In January, it was seen that the Bitcoin price fell to $ 10,000 with the FUD wave seizing the markets.

The murmur of a crypto-currency ban in South Korea increased China's current crypto currency sanctions, as well as contributing to the fall of volatility in Facebook's banning of crypto currency and ICO ads on its platform.

In February, things seemed gloomy because Bitcoin fell to $ 7,000 on February 6, 2018.

On the same day, Commodities and the Future Trade Commission SEC, crypto currencies, ICO and blockchain held a highly anticipated trial focusing on technology.

The meeting ended as a lifeline, while promising to provide an environment that protects investors from the inherent risks and natural risks of participating in ICO financing, while creating a positive outlook for Bitcoin.

Crypto currency markets recovered after the hearing, but the next few months remained relatively unstable.

In March, Twitter banned crypto currency advertising Facebook follow the steps, Google also announced plans to halt crypto-currency advertising through the AdWords service.

The drop in bitcoin value reached its lowest point on June 24, 2018. According to CoinMarketCap data, the crypto currency dropped to $ 5,868.

Bitcoin 2008 - 2018 Ücretleri

Bitcoin 2008 - 2018 Fees

Bitcoin's 10-year short history

Despite the fall in the middle of the year, the markets gradually began to lead the SEC's decisions on a number of expected ETF offers.

Unfortunately, SECCrypto-money investors were disappointed, as they rejected all nine Bitcoin ETFs due to concerns over. Insufficient resistance to price manipulation. On August 2.

This is recommended ETFs Although the final decision on the future has been pushed further into the future, we currently have a silver lining for Bitcoin.

On October 17, the fluctuation in the Bitcoin market saw its 17-month low and its stability over 12 months reached its highest level. This has led various industry experts to make optimistic predictions for the crypto currency benefit.

When celebrating the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin white paper publicity, it is important to recognize this jerky journey over the past decade.

Although full of challenges, the cryptocurrency continued to be the most valuable in terms of market capitalization - over six hundred thousand since Bitcoin was founded in 2008  crypto currency Introducing an impressive success.

Bitcoin'in Başlangıç Noktası Haritası

Bitcoin'in Orta Noktası Haritası

Midpoint Map of Bitcoin

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