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Ethereum Analysis

Ethereum Recent Changes

Ethereum Son Değişiklikleri

Ethereum's core development team is constantly working to improve and modify the local blockchain in which it was created. This can be observed through data in the current chain, including the popularity of local smart contracts.

However, cryptocurrency Ethereum is struggling to persuade miners to join the network because of equal prices, as a large part of the market has an upward period.

Ethereum Increases Hash Rate Negatively!

The fact that Ethereum will move to a Proof-of-Stake system in the near future may, despite the fact that this practice has been withdrawn once in this year, the lack of miners in the network may also increase.

Ethereum Price Fluctuations

I Etherea Although not as much of the bitcoin or subcoins currently, most of the last few days, ETH recovered $ 166 before rising to $ 174. Against the US dollar, the Ethereum was stabilized at $ 169 / $ 171 and then rose steadily to above $ 180. It has now fallen to $ 168 and is recovering. You can comment below about your comments on the next increase or decrease.


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Ethereum Analysis

Ethereum Takes Second Market! Upcoming Events and Price Analysis

I Etherea a few weeks ago, the XRP'te lost the market took the second place back. Constantinople hardfork in January is the main reason for the price increase. Let us consider the important events and possible price movements for Ethereum.

  • Ethereum scalability solutions are promising with the activation of Constantinople hardfork and Raiden Network.
  • If Ethereum breaks $ 155 into support, an uptrend can be expected.
  • Supports: $ 138.29, $ 127.85, $ 119.39, $ 110.94, $ 100, $ 98.91, $ 91.74 and $ 84.03.
  • Resistors: $ 150, $ 155.12, $ 171.94, $ 180.57, $ 190.83, $ 197.73, $ 200, $ 205.55.

Close Events

A whole new year for Ethereum. 2018 was a challenging year for most crypto-cartoons, and Ethereum dropped to $ 84 with a decline in December 2018.

However, the development team seems to be positive for the Ethereum network while the upgrades to the long-awaited Constantinople hardfork.

The Constantinople upgrade will provide the transition from the PoW algorithm to the much more environmentally friendly PoS algorithm.

Proof of Work and Proof of Stake from here You can reach.

Hardfork is set for block # 7080000 blocked by January 16, 2018.

Another scaling solution called Raiden is a non-chain scaling solution that is now being tested on the Ethereum network for alpha testing.

Bitcoin Lightning NetworkSimilar to Raiden Network, it is a non-chain solution that can help Ethereum perform 1 million transactions per second.

Ethereum took second place in the market and increased the excitement in the market. Let's take a look at Ethereum's short-term price movements and highlight prospective support and resistance zones.

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum showed a 10% increase in the last 24 hours at the time of writing and finds buyers from $ 148

The ETH, which was the fastest-growing cryptograph in the top 10, showed an increase of ½15 over the past week, rising by 35% in the last month. It has seen a 75% increase since December 15, 2018.

Ethereum, ranked 2nd with a market value of $ 15.5 billion, is trading at 89% lower than the highest price of all time.

Trend: More Than $ 155

The short-term upward trend is more likely to decline, with Ethereum hardfork news.

If the market can support the $ 155 level on the hill in December 2018, we can think that the ETH / USD is about to turn the long-term downward trend into an upward trend.

We need to see Ethereum break the $ 119.39 support to keep the short-term trend down.

Where is the resistance over $ 150?

If the price can reach $ 150 and get the support, the high value seen in November 2018, the lowest level of December 2018 drawn Fibanacci Correction will be at $ 155,12.

If the next obstacle above $ 155 is .618 Fibonacci Retraction level would be expected as $ 171.94. This area of resistance will require a great acceleration as it will be a very important price point for the confirmation of the long-term upward trend.

If the bulls continue further, the upward resistances can be said to be 1.272 and 1.414 Fibonacci Correction Levels, which are $ 180.57 and $ 190.83, respectively.

Where are ETH Supports Under $ 138?

If the bears are superior in the market and the price falls below $ 138.29, they can find support at $ 127.85 and $ 119.39 in the short term.

If the price continues to decline further, we can expect that the 618 and .886 Fibonacci Retracement levels (drawn in green), respectively, at $ 110.94 and $ 91.74, are placed in the short term.


There are a lot of events that can give hope for the Ethereum in the new year. We can think that this will be reflected in the price as it is very important for developers to overcome scalability problems. Undoubtedly, many analysts think that the ETH price before the Hardfork will rise even more.

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