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What is Whitepaper, How to Write?

Whitepaper Nedir, Nasıl Yazılır?

What is Whitepaper?

What is Whitepaper? In order to become a successful campaign, every Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the market needs to get a white paper.

Whitepaper is a document that outlines a problem the project wants to solve, a solution to this problem and a detailed description of its products, architecture and interaction with users.

The content of any whitepaper should include, but not be limited to, the following speech points (without a specific sequence) and should explain everything:

  • Introduction
  • Statement of responsibility
  • Contents
  • Definition of market and problem
  • Description of the product and how to solve the mentioned problem
  • Tokens: how many, why, how, when and so on?
  • How will the funds be used?
  • Team
  • Road map

How to Write Whitepaper

The beginning of a whitepaper would also be a good section to put any major restrictions, a legal notice or waiver name that should contain. These might be to exempt the residents of some countries from purchasing the tokens due to local laws or to inform future investors that the investment itself will not guarantee profit.

Perhaps one of the most important steps in writing almost any document is to write an interesting entry. A good move would be to present the presentation in the form of a letter from a CEO addressing future token owners.

This section outlines the problem that your project seeks to solve, why it is important, and perhaps even the consequences of not solving it.

This is where you need to get the reader's attention, explain the benefits of reading the document, and give an overview of what to expect from it. Use any tool available to do this: charts, graphs, and so on.

What is Whitepaper, How to Write?

A whitepaper is mostly a technical document and can be about 25 pages long on average. Therefore, it is extremely important to make your white paper accessible and useful to navigate. An informative and well-structured table of contents will definitely go a long way here.

If whitepaper contains the terms you think you should define, you can make a dictionary in the same section.

Talk About The Project

Make as much room as you need to talk in depth about your project and get the potential investors you need to fit into the current market. Most importantly, make sure you explain what the project is and what parts it consists of.

Research: Unless supported by facts or analytics, no one really needs any of the numbers you would like to include in the whitepaper.

Project status: This section should also include a detailed description of the current status of the project: prototype data, initial users, development strategy and overall objectives, if applicable.

The majority of serious investors, having an ecosystem and a user base, will only support projects that have something to show because the project will increase the chances of survival in the token market. If you have any of these elements, make sure that the readers are clear.

finance: Be sure to dedicate a large portion of whitepaper to project financing. You should be able to clearly explain why your project needs its own tokens, when and exactly how to distribute them, ICON The issue of tokens for sales will begin when and when will begin.


Plan the use of funds: Investors need to know exactly where their money goes and how much money the project will need to complete some important tasks.

Most importantly, white paper ”Networking activity“, ”Industry development“, "various" should not mention expenditure items such as. In your technical report, you should make clear that all money collected will be spent on development and nothing else.

Road mapFinally, whitepaper should not only include a detailed technical description of the project, but also a road map. Ideally, an in-depth study plan should be presented for the next 12-24 months and should include at least one beta launch.

Make sure that you clearly state the whitepaper, as some of the tasks specified in the roadmap are already completed, as they will be considered a great advantage by investors.

Whitepaper Yol Haritası

Whitepaper Road Map

Talk About Team

The team is an integral part of the project, and must be presented in this way. With rare exceptions, an ICO with anonymous developers will not succeed.

While the rest of the Whitepaper is a technical description, this is the section where human touch is required. The photos and short biographies of the development team will be a great advantage in the eyes of investors.

Whitepaper Takımları

Whitepaper Sets

Not only do you identify who the people behind your project are, but make sure you explain why they are so important for this particular project and why these people work.

Be sure to indicate in this way how your previous experience will help. If any of the team members are experienced in projects related to blockchain or crypto money, be sure to make clear this.

You can also say a few words about the project's consultants. However, avoid avoiding any nonsense as the consultants in question need to be more or less specialized in achieving projects.

Style, Language and Order

When preparing a whitepaper, make sure you are using an official, almost academic style. The document needs to be very explanatory and professional. The focus should be too narrow and clear as it is better to choose a subject and focus on it.

Often, whitepaper writers tend to discuss about the possible future applications of potential use cases and technologies, rather than focusing on a task at hand.

If you plan to sell party hats through Blockchain, you may wish to provide personalization services in cooperation with another startup until 2025 "in the near future" Don't think about starting to wear top hats and hats. Focus on integrating party hats into Blockchain. To update your party hats, focus on how to use your tokens, how to get a new rope, or a new paint job for them.

Moreover, whitepaper should always be real. Avoid using assumptions, estimates, and unconfirmed claims.

Also, be sure to check the whitepaper's grammar and spelling errors and check everything you can control. The text of the entire document must be formatted so that it appears professionally.

In addition, if you want to present your whitepaper in several languages, it is better to get the help of a professional interpreter, which should cost only $ 150-200 for a 25-page document.

Whitepaper da Yazıma Dikkat Edilmeli

Whitepaper should also be noted for writing

Where to Send Whitepaper?

Several years ago, several forums on bitcoin were examples of successful ICO campaigns, the first release being published with whitepaper. But nowadays, since the ICO craze is at its peak, most projects prefer to publish the whitepaper on their website.

GitHub, forums etc. Other options are still valid, but you need to make sure that your whitepaper has only one central access point. Avoid copying and pasting to several different platforms, but you can easily submit your link when promoting your project on different forums and websites.

ICO Whitepaper Templates

As with any other semi-complex business-related document, there are many whitepaper templates available online. In general, the use of such templates has been frowned upon by both the crypto-currency community and investors. If you are preparing a unique, quality product, you should spend your time on a unique whitepaper.

As ICOs become more popular, the number of freelancers who offer to write a whitepaper for the future and beginners is growing exponentially and can cost up to $ 100. However, this should not be seen as an option for a more or less serious project.

At the end of the day, a point of sale is your only primary point of sale. This is the unique vision of your team about the product and should be taken seriously. Hiring a freelancer to do this can only result in a sub-result, which in turn can lead to your failure to collect the necessary funds.

Whitepaper Örnekleri Nasıl Olmalıdır?

How should whitepaper samples be?

Examples of Successful Whitepaper

Some of the best written whitepaper and successful ICO examples are:

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What is Istanbul Blockchain School?

İstanbul Blockchain Okulu (Istanbul Blockchain School) Nedir?

A new step came from Turkey. After the rapidly increasing development in the area of Blockcha in Turkey in this race proves the continuity of Turkey's first Blockcha School project, which was announced the school's Blockcha Istanbul.

Sunday, May 30, 2019, the Capital Market Association of Turkey and Istanbul Development Agency in partnership combined with innovative and creative Istanbul Association of Financial Support Program launched under the Habitats Istanbul Blockchain School Project was launched.

In order to participate in these trainings for the developers, entrepreneurs, high school and university students living in Istanbul, as well as young technical professionals in the informatics and finance sector, on the website need to follow up announcements.

İstanbul Blockchain Okulu

Initiative is also home Inogen events that have occurred in Turkey Capital Market Association Secretary General Contact ilkay directly, Istanbul Development Agency Representative View Yasemin's Full Profile, Bahçeşehir University, Blockchain Research and Application Center Director Dr. Bora Erdamar, Habitat Association Chairman Sezai is ready and İstanbul Blockchain School Project Coordinator Ismail Metin She attended.

“We aim to close the education and human resources gap in the Blockchain area“

Istanbul Blockchain School İsmail Metin, Project Coordinator, said that they have implemented Blockchain School project in order to become a game maker in the field of technology.

Ismail Metin also has raising awareness about blockchain He added that they aim to train specialist software and added:

Uz We are aiming to bring Blockchain project, prototype and business models to various sectors in Istanbul, especially finance. In our target group there are developers, entrepreneurs, high school and university students in Istanbul and young technical staff in IT and finance sector in Istanbul. Hedef

“We aim to include this target group in our blockchain project. In our country, we aim to close the education and human resources gap in the blockchain field. Ül

İstanbul Blockchain Okulu

Istanbul Blockchain School

Crypto coinsNowadays, it is used as a means of payment, explaining the text, continued as follows:

Iz After 10 years, we may have to tell the children that the coin was once used as a means of payment. The emergence of the Internet is called the technology revolution. İnternet

Iyor Blockchain technology is considered to be the second revolution in technology after the emergence of the Internet. Blockchain offers a completely open, free and accessible ecosystem. Blockchain is a technology that has the capacity to affect many areas of the world of finance as well as the state-citizen relationship, logistics, health, real estate, education. Block

Habitat Association of Information and Communication Technology Program Coordinator Ismail launch began with the presentation of the text, Habitat Association Chairman Sezai Ready, Turkey Capital Market Association General Secretary Ilkay Arikan and the Istanbul Development Agency Representative continued with Jasmine craving Mailoğlu opening speech.

Launch program, the Blockcha After the panel on technology, it ended. All details about the project will be announced in the coming days.

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What is ANKR? Detailed Review

ANKR Nedir? Detaylı İnceleme

What is ANKR?

ANKR is a distributed computer platform that aims to exploit computing resources that operate in data centers and devices. To make an economic model that ANKR provides, where businesses and consumers can make money from their devices, in-house servers, private boules and even from the general cloud. This allows ANKR to provide users with a higher digging power at a much cheaper price.

Status of the project?


Technological Properties of ANKR's Blockchain Network

ANKR's technological features include:

  • Proof of useful work (PoUW) consensus, resource-based mining program based on the protocol.
  • The oracle service that provides seamless interface that connects existing Internet solutions and real-world data to assets in the chain.
  • Distributed Cloud Computing (DCC) platform.
  • Having side chains and multi-chain structure.
ANKR Proof of Useful Work Sistemi

ANKR Proof of Useful Work System

Proof of useful workInstead of spending unnecessary extra electricity and digging on mixed chains like Bitcoin, the PoUW consensus provides a self-sustaining blockchain cycle. In addition, PoUW enables the creation of business tasks provided by businesses and consumers using it, and allows the use of the right resources in the most useful way.

ANKR has a system that uses all global computing resources. The miner will be able to mining not only his token but also our CPU. In other words, miners will get more profit from mining, while those who rent CPUs will be able to make as much profit.

SGX (Software Guard Extensions): Protocol runs on SGX-enabled CPUs with remote acknowledgment to ensure security and privacy. The new PoUW model makes it possible to utilize worldwide idle power with a great potential if sufficient incentives are provided: In this diagram, each user can obtain coins by the system as far as they are used, and some may even receive extra rewards to produce blocks. In the future, this mining scheme can also benefit from Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Oracle Service: The integrated Oracle service provides a validated data source that leverages both cryptographic data and a trusted execution environment (TEE). Thanks to a standard API and port data from existing Web sites, the Oracle service makes real-world businesses even more accessible, making mining operations even easier for the ANKR infrastructure.

ANKR Döngüsü

ANKR Cycle

Distributed Cloud Computing (DCC) Platform: DCC platform allows to create processing power among users as a peer-to-peer model. PoUW consensus mechanism for miners, eg machine learning, artificial intelligence etc. will be able to use the resources of the blank computer to secure the network. With the DCC platform, miners can also create an extra supply space. Individuals / companies that need extra computing resources will form the demand side of the DCC. DCC reduces the number of obstacles to access to cloud computing as compared to current cloud computing services and increases protection.

Multi-Chain Construction: Allows different applications to make their own smart contracts on connected side chains, preventing overloading of the main chain based on the PoUW. The main chain will provide a locally authenticated data transmission service for the rapid transmission of non-chain data to each subchain. The current business world helps to create decentralized autonomous practices in the sub-chain with strong computing power and local data submission service provided by the main chain.

ANKR Ana Zincir Ve Alt Zincir Kavramı

ANKR Main Chain And Lower Chain Concept


Co-founder & CEO at ANKR

Chandler Song

Co-founder & CEO

Stanley Wu is CEO Co-founder & CTO at ANKR

Stanley Wu

Co-founder & CTO


Ryan Fang Co-founder & COO at ANKR

Ryan Fang

Co-founder & COO


David P. Anderson is Technical Advisor at ANKR

David P. Anderson

Technical Advisor


Road map

ANKR Yol Haritası

ANKR Road Map

Benefits of ANKR Project

  • The project is trying to tackle the huge challenges faced by the blockchain, such as the consensus protocol (PoUW), reliable hardware, data flow (Oracle), distributed computing, and side-chain structure. If successful, it can become an important project.
  • PoUW can create a new infrastructure and modeling that can reveal the potential of a large amount of scraping power and transform it into productive tools.
  • The ANKR Project has received strong support from respected institutional investors, and this is one of the factors that increase trust in the project.

Concerns about ANKR Project

  • The project needs a large number of suppliers and a distributed computing provider to create a strong network impact. However, no partnership / market strategy was announced to ensure the adoption of the platform.
  • The roadmap doesn't go beyond July 2018, which makes it difficult to predict the team's planning for the project, which may undermine confidence.
  • Some key members of the team, including the CEO and the COO, are new to college and have limited working experience.

Summary of ANKR Project

Thanks to its goals and infrastructure, ANKR is a promising project on the market side. While most of the fixed income is provided by the funds and the unions are not allowed, at the same time, the ANKR is a very ambitious project that is trying to solve many problems at the same time, although there is not much demand that has been met after the trade of tokens. Given the initial phase of the project on both the technical and business development side, we have an unbiased view of the long-term feasibility of the project. However, if the team can successfully overcome the project, it is a project that cannot be underestimated and profitable.



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Warning: This article is not a sponsored post.

Disclaimer: This article is written for informational purposes only and is not an investment recommendation. 

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What is Nuls? Most Comprehensive Guide

What is Nuls?

If we briefly summarize Nuls; we can say that it is a project that provides customizable, Blockchain infrastructure for people or organizations to create their own Blockchain networks. 


Nuls is an open source, community-oriented, publicly-accessible block platform.

In its intelligent contracts, the multi-chain system is a modular architecture with different modules, including, but not limited to, inter-chain consensus. These modules can work with special block chains and are a customizable network structure to suit different industrial targets.

What are the benefits of Nuls?

Nuls' Technology:

The Nuls platform is divided into two parts: micro core and functional modules. The microkernel functions as the basis for the entire network, while the functional modules provide a customizable modular infrastructure. Nuls seeks to fill the public and private blocks and the blockblade gaps that the public needs, allowing users to create and change their wearable sub-chains according to their needs.

The platform is designed with simplicity in mind. Developers will be able to use the main chain with several customizable modules. This will allow developers to choose their own rules for module customization and to create projects according to their skills.

Credit Proof Consensus Mechanism: The Nuls block chain uses a Credit Proof (PoC) protocol designed by the Nuls development team. Credit Proof works similarly to PoS; this means that users must lock the NULS tokens to make it available to NULS mining.

NULS Smart Contract: Nuls integrated a virtual machine called NULSVM into a block chain. The virtual machine is located between the internal infrastructure modules and the external service modules. Nuls intelligent contracts are implemented by various high level applications and are calculated by NULSVM. Smart contracts are designed to be adapted to different programming languages, allowing developers to develop a program in the desired languages.


Technological Properties of Nuls Blockchain

Lower Chain Consensus: Nuls acts as a base structure for all sub-chains built on it. It provides all the necessary tools as modules for the developers to personalize their sub-chains with their consensus rules and tokens.

Modular Architecture: Nuls is designed to easily adapt to continuous developments in blockchain technology. Because of its modular structure, it integrates the Linux kernel that provides the required flexibility to the blockchain. This will allow easy implementation of all current block chain improvements.

Module Manager: Nuls module manager facilitates actions by communicating between all modules. Responsible for managing, installing and unloading modules as required by the block chain.

Multi-Chain System: Nuls verifies the various blocks in the block chain using the cross-chain consensus because of the ability of Nuls to move between the main chain and the sub-chains.

Nuls Block Chains

What is the difference between NULS and other crypto currencies?

NULS is an important part of its infrastructure, as opposed to most crypto currencies that serve only as an intermediary for peer-to-peer transactions. NULS Used to collect the funds required for the platform and allow users to join the network.

NULS uses its own consensus mechanism called Credit Evidence designed by the development team.

The platform has a modular structure that facilitates the development of more than one sub-chain, each according to its own rules.

Should we invest in NULS?

So far, the development team has succeeded in completing the targets set in the road maps on time. Currently, NULS is going through its first phase in a three-stage development process. Recently, in July 2018, NULS released its main network and desktop wallet. Now she is looking forward to launching her official wallet on other platforms. As we always say, investing is a risk and you should not risk more than you can.

You can download Whitepaper here and learn all the details of the NULS system and how it works. 





Liesa Huang

Chief Executive Officer

Issac Kim



Niels Wang

Director of Media and Communications


Reaper Ran

Community Management Director, Co-Founder




Details of Coin:

Symbol: NULS
Total Coin: 40.000.000
Market Value: $ 33,821,234


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Warning: This article is not a sponsored post.

Disclaimer: This article is written for informational purposes only and is not an investment recommendation. 


Shelter: coingecko, coinswitch, nuls.io

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