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A New Trend BlockFi Crypto Interest In Coins!

According to a new report, Bitcoin and Ethereum bring investors to interest-bearing accounts in crypto-money.

In just three weeks, he said, traders moved $ 35 million in BTC and ETH to show interest in their Crypto accounts on BlockFi. The New York-based company is a secure bank loan provider offering USD loans backed by asset assets to asset holders who guarantee their loans.

BlockFi launched crypto savings accounts on March 5 and offered an annual interest rate of 6% annually, which was paid monthly for the crypto and yielded an annual yield of 6.2%.

This figure is particularly high compared to US banks, which are increasingly lower and have lower rates over the years. ZFC Prince, CEO of BlockFi, said the platform's interest rate will fluctuate as well as Bitcoin and Ether prices.

Neden We expect that the interest rates in the accounts will be lower when prices are lower and lower during the rise of prices because the demand for borrowing from Bitcoin is partly due to market sentiment. In the crypto money market and in the long term of Bitcoin are rising. "

BlockFi said his accounts were designed for retail investors and that crypto whales were not designed. In a new blog post, the company says it introduces 25 BTC and 500 ETH limit next month.

Kab kab Only from Block 1 (BIA) balances with only 25 BTC or 500 ETH (equivalent to roughly 100,000 US Dollars and 70,000 US Dollars respectively) starting April 1 will earn an APY interest rate of 6.2%.

All balances above this limit will earn a 2% incremental interest rate. To explain, if your BIA account has 25.5 BTC, the first 25 BTC will earn 6.2% and the remaining 0.5% 2 will gain interest. Açık

The company also offers a fixed fee of 0.0025 BTC and 0.0015 ETH for leri ensuring that BIA can support as many customers as possible while maintaining the high quality services we offer to the average Crypto consumer Şirket.

Established in 2017, BlockFi is backed by Morgan Creek Capital in the cryptosphere, Galaxy Investment Partners, Coinbase, ConsenSys and Devonshire Investors, the private investment arm of Fidelity Invest, and many high-profile investors, one of the largest financial institutions.

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Crypto Money News

Facebook Coin's Whitepaper Release Date! Facebook Resources

Facebook Coin'in Whitepaper'ı Çıkış Tarihi! Facebook Kaynakları

IT and fintech magazine TechCrunch said on June 6 that multiple sources expect Facebook to launch stablecoin on June 18.

Facebook Coin'in Whitepaper'ı Çıkış Tarihi! Facebook Kaynakları

Facebook Coin's Whitepaper Release Date! Facebook Resources

Referring to a group of people familiar with the plans, the news stated that the secret crypto currency project will emerge this month, along with current thoughts inside and outside the company, as well as history in mind. Earlier rumors were that Facebook is scheduled to release this crypto in 2020.

Facebook, with its insistence on entering the payment sector, caused an uproar throughout the industry. Executives, not only the social media platform Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram'ın side companies will participate, he said. However, the criticism of such projects comes to the latest US rating agency Weiss Ratings, which, in a private blog post, said that the ultimate goal of technology companies is not to increase the attractiveness of the crypto currency, but to get away from banks.

Facebook Coin Announces Release Date of Whitepaper

TechCrunch,  I Facebook announced on June 18 that it would publish a whitepaper explaining the basics of crypto currency ” waiting.

This date came from Laura McCracken, Facebook's President of Northern Europe's Financial Services and Payment Partners. In an interview with German finance magazine Wirtschaftswoche this week, stabilcoin said it would not include only the US dollar base.

Release "Facebook Coinvalue will be guaranteed with a minimum fiat currency ” said.

“Long term Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency units will be in the bull market. And one of the most important consequences is that they have the potential to truly disrupt the financial system we know today. ”

Still, many analysts don't see it that way. Applications such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Alipay, which can challenge the global payment system, In replacing the banks ın they think it can only be replaced by new payment platforms.

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Source: Cointelegraph

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Industry News

Crypto Currency Exchange Blockport Failed to Re-Start After Insolvency That Causes STO

Kripto Para Borsası Blockport Başarısız STO'nun Sebep Olduğu İflas Sonrası Yeniden Başlamaya Çalışıyor

The Amsterdam-based crypto currency exchange Blockport has announced that it will close its platform by the end of May.

On May 22, Blockport was declared bankrupt by a Dutch court following the failure of the (BPT) token (STO).

Blockport first STOin March, he described the BPS token as a security token (STO) based on a stake in Blockport and provided dividends to its owners by dividend. The STO, launched on April 16th, reported to investors that it would allow BPS to buy a minimum of 500 euros ($ 560) in investment and will continue until May 15th.

Crypto Currency Exchange Blockport Failed STO

In mid-May, Blockport announced the results of the STO and announced that the bid did not reach the expected point of 1m euros ($ 1.1 million). He said he will return money to the traders of the stock market and that the platform is expected to be acquired by the end of May.

The Blockport website is still being published. "cryptocurrency the easiest way to buy and sell" he says.

According to The Next Web, when the platform is still online due to an incomplete reimbursement process, the company will ”Properly performing offline“ Plans.

Closing date is still not scheduled, Blockport founder Sebastiaan Lichter, the company ”Closed to the public“ products will continue to improve.

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Source: Cointelegraph

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Crypto Money News

Tron Announces Critical Vulnerability of Its Blockchain Network!

Tron Kendi Blockchain Ağının Kritik Güvenlik Açığını Açıkladı!

The Tron Foundation announced on May 2 that there was a fixed critical vulnerability that could break the blockchain network on the HackerOne vulnerability disclosure platform.

The description refers to that an attacker could fill all available memory and, using malicious code in a smart contract, could perform a Distributed Denial of Service attack on the TRX network. The explanation also describes the impact of such an attack:

OS An attacker using a machine can send a DDOS attack to all or all of the SR node, and Tron networkit may make it unusable or disrupt the network. n

Tron Thinks The Critical Vulnerability of Their Blockchain Network Has Been Discovered by One of the HackerOne Site Users

The cyber security researcher, who discovered and disclosed the vulnerability, received a $ 1,500 prize. The problem was first reported on January 14, but it was recently publicized after it was fixed.


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