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'Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit' ‘Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit’e Katılıyor 'Blockchain Attends Economy Istanbul Summit

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit, one of the world's most important crypto money conferences, will take place on 20 February in Istanbul's Haliç Congress Center to discuss the future of Blockchain, the largest technological and financial revolution of the 21st century. One of the sponsors and participants of the conference, will present its work and new targets to the visitors at the fair.

Hediye General Manager Murat Basri Helvacıgül stated that the first 5,000 people participating in the fair will receive 10 TL residual + 50 Makrocoin and 3 months commissioned shopping gifts with the initial membership. “

Turkey's most advanced trading platform crypto I He is looking forward to conveying his work and new goals to his visitors at the fair. ‘Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit’e Katılıyor

'Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit'

Makropa Enables 7/24 Transactions

Founded in 2018 and Turkey's most advanced crypto-currency trading platform with access to the stock market self-developed platform, enhanced information technology infrastructure, the professional support team and have high safety standards.

-Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin are traded on the Makropa platform. Users can deposit with the bank transfer and the Papara system and buy the crypto money they want. Ic

Makropa provides users with advanced security crypto money purses. Users can safely store their crypto coins in their crypto-money wallets. Makropa platform allows you to make 7/24 investment transactions. Users can also make bank transfers post-pay and continue buying transactions.

High Secure Infrastructure

The Makropa infrastructure has been infiltrated by independent security organizations. All in Makropa crypto coins Safe is stored in cold wallets. The Makropa platform is under the 24/7 security umbrella.

Macro Con with Turkey's domestic, comes a new generation of dynamic crypto money .. users earn Macro Coins in every transaction they make. Macro Con, Turkey is aiming to be a crypto currency.


I is Turkey's most advanced crypto-currency trading platform. Established in 2018, Makropa has its own developed stock market platform, advanced IT infrastructure, a professional support team and high security standards. Makropa crypto currency in Turkey's vision to introduce a wide audience and become a global player in the future crypto currency market. I

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Sponsored News at Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit, Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit’te

Turkish Digital Money Platform to Revolutionize the Revolution in the World, which is the name of the new generation investment that has made its name with the first and only applications in the world brought to the world of digital money, will bring the first one together with the investors. The heart of the Blockchain world Blockchain Economy Istanbul will show the world's first and only physical wallet that investors can integrate into their digital investments

The largest international in Europe, Central Asia and Middle East region blockchain and cryptocurrency The countdown started for the conference now. On 20 February 2019, the event, which will be attended by blockchain experts, platform representatives and investors from all over the world at Istanbul Haliç Congress Center, will be a principle in the world.

FIRST AND SINGLE: DIGITAL MONEY IN AND FORWARD, Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit’te at Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit, a 100 percent Turkish capital digital money platform that attracts attention with its revolutionary innovations brought to the digital money world, will present a new innovation in Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit to the taste of digital money investors. In addition, pre-order for physical wallet will be collected from investors during the event.

With this innovation, digital money investors will be introduced to the world's first and only physical wallet that can be integrated into their investments. With this hardware wallet, digital money investors can I Bitci.coto transfer the remaining amount after the transaction, the bluetooth connection will be able to process through the application. The hardware wallet will work with the world's most advanced security systems. With the physical security key and the high security encryption system,'s special wallet technology will ensure that investors' digital investments are both secure and in the investor's own pocket.

In fact, the physical wallet integrated into digital investment is also a sign of's next surprises., which is one of the best 3 security platforms in the world, will inform the digital money world about the events related to the event with its live broadcasts at its stand at the Haliç Congress Center during the event.


Li The address of the new generation of investment is Bitci. Because we will present the physical wallet that can be integrated into the world's first and only digital investments. at Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

We believe that this innovation will make a sound in the world. Together with us, leading investors, experts and digital money platforms from many countries of the world will take part and discuss the technology of Blockchain in the world. We believe that such a technology platform to come out from this perspective Turkey is an important innovation of the offer for the first time in the world to use and is important in terms of showing the current position of the Turkish currency digital technology. In fact, we will start to sell in May, the market is trying to attract the month of April.

Ler The advanced hardware wallet is just the first of the new surprises we will make in the coming period, “he said.


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Digital Asset Ecosystem VOLENTIX in Turkey 'Digital Network' and Meets

Dijital Varlıklar Ekosistemi VOLENTIX Türkiye’de ‘Digital Network’ ile Buluşuyor

Shown as one of the digital value systems that inspires the future VOLENTIX Digital Assets Ecosystem, On February 20 Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summitis attending.

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

VOLENTIX executives Pythagoras Systems Machine Learning Director Professor Yiannis Emiris and Lawyer / Scientist and Creator of Digital Assets Ecosystem Dane Rutledge will be the speaker at the summit.

2 years ago, the journey of VOLENTIX started with blockchain technology and the philosophy of being a decentralized platform. Bitcoin mining is developing very fast, in order to enable peer-to-peer exchange of assets at a time when supercomputers are deployed, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is aimed at establishing a system that encourages participation. VOLENTIX, creating a decentralized natural investment environment Through DAO (Decentralized Automous Organization)aims to enable the masses to make use of their own power again. VOLENTIX own digital value unit VTX Token is also preparing to market.

VOLENTIX is a digital asset ecosystem that allows each participant to instantly benefit from this system (Digital Assents Ecosystem - DAE) was established. Thus, by encouraging the participation of communities, they aim to benefit themselves from the power they create. In fact, many platform substructure services in Blockchain and in an open architecture structure. VOLENTIX uses the fourth-generation blockchain-based EOS.IO technology.

Dijital Varlıklar Ekosistemi VOLENTIX Türkiye’de ‘Digital Network’ ile Buluşuyor

VOLENTIX only digital value unit VTX Token It is not a limited structure and it contains many combinations together. Volentix Digital Assets Ecosystem (Digital Assents Ecosystem - DAE) combined, decentralized, digital asset exchange system VDEX (Decentralized Digital Assets Exchange - VDEX) secure multi-currency exchange. Participants are able to change any digital currency individually using the VDEX. VERTO Wallet cross-blockchaing, a peer-to-peer digital wallet ise VESPUCCI Crypto Rating A user-friendly market-ratings analysis interface based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). All of this is again the incentive-participation program VENUE Platform supported by.


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Blockchain Summit's Biggest Turkey, Istanbul Blockchain Economy Summit Begins Soon

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

Countdown has begun in 2019 to the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit, the largest Blockchain and cryptocurrency event worldwide! SpaceX champion rLoop co-founder partner Ilyas Vali was among the speakers of the event.

The Biggest Technological and Economic Revolution Blockchain

Blockchain btcturk main sporlug employees in order to improve the perception and knowledge of the technology summit held blockchain with not only Turkey; It aims to bring together people from the Middle East and Central Asia. The conference will not only speak of tomorrow's blockchain but also tomorrow.

At the conference, the participants will listen to the greatest technological and financial revolution of the 21st century Blockchain from the best experts in the field, evaluate the investment opportunities and dominate the sector with all the details.

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

More than 5,000 participants from 20 countries will participate in the conference and more than 10,000 people will watch live. At this conference, investors, entrepreneurs and professionals will come together to discuss the current state of the crypto money market and the future of Blockchain technology.


  • The Future of Crypto Money Payments: Why Existing Banking Solutions Failed
  • Panel Discussion: Will States Comply with Crypto Coins and Blockchain or Will They Fight?
  • Redefining Human Value: New Era in Individual Economy
  • People Against Power: Leaving Centralism
  • Bitcoin and Other Crypto Coins: What will be the next step of investors?
Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit Tim Draper

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit Tim Draper

SpaceX Champion rLoop Founding Partner Blockchain Economy also

In 2017, Ilyas Vali, the co-founder of rLoop who won the first prize in SpaceX Hyperloop Competition, joined Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit in Istanbul on 20 February. The co-founder of the governor, rLoop operates globally with more than 1300 engineers in more than 59 countries. RLoop, a decentralized, mass-based research and development organization that offers a variety of engineering solutions, is designed to enable anyone to participate in the process of inventing, developing, and reviewing technologies with the potential to change the world at any given time and place.

Among the speakers of the event; Wall Street analyst Tom Lee, Draper Associates founder Tim Draper, White House Technology Advisor Franklin Urtega. Detailed information from here You can reach.

"Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit"

Location: Haliç Congress Center, Istanbul

Date: 20 February 2019

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